Last Minute Charter rebuild

The previous version of celebrated a 7 year birthday last year. Thats a long time for a web site.

We finally came around to rebuild it and bring both the sofware and operations architecture up to date.

With the new version we are ready for growth.

  • the website was revamped and now shows much more information about each travel deal. And we are ready to include even more in the coming years. So hello to pictures, location, categories and so much more.
  • we increased site, search and seo performance – rating high on Lighthouse
  • we added progressive web apps for android, ios and microsoft windows
  • we expanded our focus to also include city breaks and other short holidays – all with the convenience of a package holiday.
  • our emails got a shine and we now send via a AWS SES service – greatly increasing our open rate.
  • we changed our CDN to cloudfront from AWS.
  • our social media post engine was updated – giving us much better possibilities of streamlining our activity on social media.
  • we did a totally new setup for our ads on Google and Bing. We automated it and we now have more than 25.000 ads on these networks – updated automatically every day!
  • we rebuild our admin site with Backpack for Laravel – making it so much easier to run the site on a day to day basis and be on top of evrything with our dashboards.
  • we rebuild our datafeed engine – so we can process even more deals. At the moment we have raised the number of deals at any time across our markets from 1 mio to +4 mio deals.
  • was the last of our sites to being rebuild on the laravel stack. We love the stack and the wast amount of tools and features that comes along. We finally also reached our goal of having have all our products on Github and running with great devops processes..
  • the operations infrastructure is now build to scale with a more modern setup using Forge and the great servers from Hetzner.