We are back

After a long wait the Corona Pandemic finally loosened its firm grip on the travel industry in 2022.

And we are happy to say that we have fully recovered in 2022 and are back at the same level as before the pandemic hit us and the rest of the travel industry.

The number of visitors across our sites reached a little more than 2 million in 2022.

We still have more than 200.000 travel savvy consumers that follow us on social media and messaging.

We have payed of on our technological debt and revamped travolo.net and we are on our way with lastminutecharter.eu.

We launched 2 new sites during the pandemic travelwithjens.dk and lastminuteholidayhomes.eu.

We are ready to move on in 2023 especially with a launch of the new lastminutecharter.eu site.

We wish you all a prosperous 2023!