2018 – whats in store ?

2018 has started on a little lower note for us. After hitting almost 1 mio users in 2017 on lastminutecharter.eu – we have taken down our advertising a notch in the winter months due to lower affiliate turnovers. So for 2018 we have a target for lastminutecharter.eu around 800.000 users.

We launched an updated lastminutecharter.eu mid January 2018 with improved search facilities, a new international frontpage and a lot of speed and seo improvements behind the scenes. We still have a few minor improvements under way which will be released in q1 2018.

The development of travolo.net is going smoothly and the target is to be up and running with the first market – Denmark – beginning of q2 2018. We very much look forward to serve our more than 500.000 users in Denmark with great travel advice on all thing “Travelish”.

A small project has also been setup – ready for launch in q2 2018. I have always wanted to make my own travelblog – with all the tales of the world that i have experienced – and its in the making, The website is there – the initial content is under way ! But look forward to reading about train, boat and flight adventures from all over the world on travellingwithjens.com.

As a result of the increased activity with lastminutecharter.eu, travolo.net and travellingwithjens.com the activity in Lieto IT Management Services will be at a lower level in 2018 when compared to 2017.