What an awful summer …

The summer in our markets have been awful .. yes you are right the weather has been bad ! But for lastminutecharter.eu bad weather means lots of visitors. We served more than 200.000 users in July 2017 – a growth of 25 % compared with 2016.  Year to date we are up with almost 15% compared to 2016 and getting closer and closer to the 1 million user per year mark.

The coming months will see some changes to the lastminutecharter.eu website as we continuously improve our search engine presence, introduce new search capabilities and a new international frontpage.

Our consulting business have been busy in the first half of 2017 but will not see many new projects in the rest of the year as we focus on lastminutecharter.eu improvements and development of Travolo.net. Travolo.net is set for launch end of Q1 2018.