Welcome to the Netherlands .. Goodbye summer season ..

We are happy to announce our entry into the Dutch market. With more than 6 million IT savvy and travel interested consumers in the Dutch market we have  – for a long time – wanted to get the Netherlands onboard. With travel deals from all the Major players in the Dutch Market we are sure to attract consumers to our price comparison service. We have launched ad campaigns on facebook, bing and Google and are already seeing solid traffic on our Dutch site. We are backed up by great partnerships with agencies that covers the Dutch market – in fact the Dutch site is already our best site when it comes to affiliate coverage. In the coming months we will be adding even more travel agencies to the site. You can visit the dutch site at http://www.lastminitecharter.eu/vakanties.

Our other markets are performing as expected. The summer travel season is over and the number of visitors on our site is coming back to normal levels. In August we had more than 70.000 users – an increase of 12 % when compared to last year. Our Social media coverage is slowly growing – we are now reaching 53.000 consumers through social media news streams.

In our IT management Service business we have just completed a bid proposal within IT-infrastructure  for a major systems integrator.