Summer season was here – and we prospered !

With an increase of 15% in users in July 2016 compared to July 2015 we served more than 170.000 users in our most busy month ever. June also saw an increase of 25% in users compared to 2015 – reaching more than 80.000 users. For the first time we also served more than 1 million pages in a month in July 2016. This also meant that we served more than 2.5 million ads in July 2016. Especially the polish market has driven an substantial increase in our overall traffic during June and July.

Our social media followers is only increasing slightly as we have decreased our social media advertising – but we still reach more than 50.000 travel savvy consumers through social media engagement.

Our search engine presence is slowly being improved with a large increase in keywords and a reasonable development in our page rankings. We are still investing heavily in SEO and content optimization and creation.

June also saw an upgrade of our IT infrastructure making us ready for implementation of two new markets in the second half of 2016.

We are well into implementation of the first of these new markets. We will release the new market end of August 2016 – so stay tuned as we head into our sixth market in 20 months. Later this year we launch our 7th and most southern market so far.