September lower than expected !

We was a little bit to optimistic when expecting a slight increase in activity in September compared to August. Instead we went down to 61.000 visitors, turned 340.000 pages and approx. 1 milion ads in September. In all a drop in activity of 10 %. At the same time our growth rate on social media continues as we reach 28.000 likes on facebook and keep our 2nd place in our niche in Scandinavia based on social media interaction.

The fall holidays are coming in October in Scandinavia – so we expect better numbers in October – probably at August level.

End of October will also see one new market being launched. We cant wait as we launch our first non Scandinavian market. At the same time we are preparing for the next 3 markets to be added. So 4th quarter 2015 will be full steam ahead as we wanna come out strong for the 2016 holiday seasons !