August as expected !

With the summer holidays coming to a close in Scandinavia the number of consumers visiting Last Minute Charter dropped to 68.000 in August 2015. This was an expected drop in unique visitors aswell as in page views, which dropped to 350.000.  Add impressions performed at a little above 1 million in August.

Last Minute Charter keeps growing on facebook. We now have more than 25.000 likes in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Our engagement strategy on social media is still a strong driver of Traffic to the site.

We are ready to implement at least one new country – but due to other activities within LIETO we wont be completing the implementation until end of October 2015. We have now completed our implementation plan for 2015 and expect to have an additional 4 countries added during 2015, bringing the total number of markets from the existing 4 to 9 by the end of 2015.

Our email newsletters is at the moment only active in Denmark. We reach more than 6000 danish consumers every monthe with our newsletter – either direct or through our facebook promotion of the newsletter. Our experience from the Danish newsletters will in 2016 be used in our other markets.

According to the danish internet index Last Minute Charter would have been in the top 100 in July, based on unique users. But as we are a .eu domain we are not listed. But it sure feels great to be at this level after 9 months of operation !

In september we expect to see a slight increase in activity as the autumm holiday seekers start there search for vacations.