Travel With Jens live

Our personal travelblog was launched today.

Travel is my passion

I have travelled the world since i was 16 !

I have lived in a handful of countries, worked in quite a few and visited even more. It has always been my passion to travel and see the world.

Im driven by couriosity. What will the next town look like ? How do i get there ? How do people live there lives there ? Is this landmark really as beautiful as the pictures ? How is the food ? And lots of other questions.

To me to travel always start with a thought –  that way to often ends as a travel itinerary !

I have a soft spot for train travel and roadtrips. To me the journey is just as important as the destination.

Putting it all together

I spent quite a few years in IT management and Business development in public and private companies, but when i turned 50 i decided to fly solo and create my own company – – combining my IT and Business development background with my travel passion. In a couple of years i created the travel deal site for package tours, the travel deal blog and the holiday home portal In 2019 my sites had more than 2 million visitors and were active in 7 countries.
One of the last things on my to do list was to create a blog with my own travel stories. Not for business – but solely for the pleasure of writing and telling my stories from around the world. 

So along came in my mothertongue Danish and my best English (i pray for your understanding !).