A new year has started …

Completing January 2016 was a vast improvement to the level of activity when compared to January 2015. With more than 50.000 users and 300.000 page views in January we have more than quadrupled the activity level comparing with last year. Our social media following is also developing as expected and we now reach more than 40.000 consumers social media news streams.
Last Minute Charter Polska was off to a great start with more than 5000 likes on our facebook page and a fair amount of users and pageviews in January, we are certainly serving some great deals to the travel savvy consumers in Poland.
In our other markets we added 10 new last minute travel deal suppliers and increased the number of travel companies we have an affiliate agreement with significantly. With a new media set for advertising directly with Last Minute Charter and an affiliate flyer for our suppliers we are off to a busy 2016.