Growth and partnership building continues in June

With the holiday season well on its way here in Scandinavia its no wonder that June was a new month of records. More than 100.000 visits from more than 65.000 users turned more than 450.000 pageviews. This was what we expected to reach in July – but we are already there ! In July we do expect similar or a slight increase in numbers.

Another breakthrough in early July was to become number three or better in our niche counted on facebook likes. And by beating two of our competitors on this metric on 2nd of July we have outrunned all but the biggest competitor within 7 months. In total we now reaches more than 20.000 travel savvy consumers on facebook in Scandinavia.

June also saw two new partnerships with the mobile company 3 ( and the car rental collation company ( 3 is already fully integrated on our site and rentalcars will be so during July.

And then we cant wait to see the end of July and a couple of new announcements .. if you guess new markets .. then you are not far fetched …